Corporate Narration Voice Over

Helen Moore-Gillon British Female Voice

Whether your corporate project is international, business to business or customer facing, Helen Moore-Gillon will bring her clear British voice to your presentation and and deliver your script with warmth and authority.  Versatile and with clear enunciation, her voice has the perfect tone for company communications, be they web videos, whiteboard presentations, training projects or explainers.

Professionally trained in corporate narration, Helen has a classic British RP (received pronunciation) voice  – similar to that heard on the BBC news.  With this consummate professional sound, she can infuse dry copy with light and shade bringing a knowledgeable tone and a clarity that makes it easy for everyone to understand, no matter where in the world they are based.  Having spent many years working for a top public relations company in London, Helen knows the importance of communicating your message clearly.

In the increasingly global landscape, this clarity and clear enunciation is more important than ever – your customers are as likely to be on the other side of the globe as in the next city, and clarity in business communication is so important.  With many business professionals having English as a second language, Helens clear English accent is easy for them to understand.  Companies across the world trust Helen with their message –  their offices are international and the languages spoken are many, but Helen’s clear British English is the gold standard for presentations and communications world wide.

Helen has been chosen by Human Resource departments for training videos, by
Corporate Communication specialists for office presentations and Public Relations directors for branding projects:  all turned around quickly and accurately.  Helen understands that often the voice is the last piece of the project to be agreed upon, and the audio frequently needs to have a rapid turn around time.  Working as a full-time voice actor, and with a professional grade home studio, Helen can work on projects at a moment’s notice.  Her client service is top notch and she will go above and beyond to ensure that your project is delivered accurately, swiftly and on budget.

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