E-Learning Voice Over

Helen Moore-Gillon British Female Voice

Helen’s friendly and professional voice is perfect for all types of e-learning projects.  For online courses and instructional videos her authoritative voice is clear and believable, giving students all the information needed in her role as a teacher.  Both Human Resource Departments and online training companies turn to Helen when they are looking for a Global voice that can service their international needs – especially when English is a second language for some.  The clarity in her voice ensures that each word is understood and there is no impediment to learning.  Distance and flexible learning is a convenient and cost effective way of training large numbers of corporate executives, scientists, professionals and other workers.  An online course ensures that those with access to a personal computer can engage in the learning process no matter where they are in the world.  Helen’s friendly British accent has the hallmark Received Pronunciation (RP), also known as BBC English, lending credence to the text given and confirming her role as a wise mentor to those learning.  Quality, convenience and a unified message are the hallmarks of machine learning and training specialists choose Helen to deliver professional audio to support their corporate training needs.  The internet is a place of learning, and tutorials, explainers, and educational courses can be delivered with world class quality from Helen’s professional grade studio.  As a full time voice over professional, Helen can record training courses, and send the audio back to clients with a remarkably swift turnaround – delivering accurate audio that has been edited and cut into audio files ready to be slotted into the online course program.