Medical Narration Voice Over

Helen Moore-Gillon British Female Voice

If you are looking for a clear and concise read for your medical video, then Helen Moore-Gillon with her classic British accent is the perfect choice.  Helen has recorded videos, animations and explainers with a health and medical theme for drug companies and medical supply organizations from around the world.

Helen has lent her voice to a number of how-to videos for doctors and nurse practitioners describing how to give injections, how to prepare a patient for chemotherapy, and how to work with patients suffering from a number of diseases. Other projects include teaching optical surgeons how to perform lasik surgery, and instructing dentists and dental students on the procedures for dental implants.  A substantial number of her recordings are commissioned by international companies planning on global distribution for their videos.

Helen has been the voice of many e-learning modules for a large pharmaceutical company who chose her to ensure that any of their staff who have English as a second language can easily understand every word she says.  These videos are about the steps that need to be taken by each scientist when performing their part in a drug trial.  The protocols surrounding each action  in a clinical trial are precise, and mistakes can have vast legal and financial ramifications. Helen has also narrated the promos for a number of medical journals, each targeting a different therapeutic specialty and used by medical students in their coursework.

The clarity that Helen brings to a read has been valued by scientists in other realms – she has worked with biomedical engineers, pesticide companies,  and nuclear companies.  Helen is a full-time voice talent and delivers professional quality audio, quickly and accurately.  Her studio has Source Connect Standard and Helen can record live with studios around the world