Transatlantic Voice Over

Helen Moore-Gillon British Female Voice

When you are looking for a voice that is not-quite British, and not-exactly American and sort-of European but then again perhaps South African, what you really need is Helen Moore-Gillon with her transatlantic voice!  This is the voice of the world-traveller, the international businesswoman, the global voice for your brand.  Appealing to all and encompassing a clear and easily understandable English, without having specific dialect, this style of voice can be the solution to your what-voice quandary.

Helen has worked with businesses around the world and understands the corporate need to ensure that no one group is favored over others.  A global corporation may not want to align itself too closely with one region or area, and want to ensure that their brand is represented by a voice that is clear and concise yet it is difficult to discern which nationality they are.

The language used in a narration can pin point exactly where in the world the voice artist is from, yet with this transatlantic style of speaking, there is always a question, the listener is drawn in, the intrigue grows.  With clarity of style and diction, Helen Moore-Gillon can deliver that mid-atlantic feel with her pronunciation of words so that they are neither American nor British, or perhaps both American and British!

Often it is not simply the narration style that can place a voice but also the vocabulary – the words and phrases used in the two countries differ too – whether that be trash and/or rubbish for example, or awesome and/or brilliant.  Helen is adept and managing and advising on the use of language – she was born in England, and lived there until the age of 11, when she moved to the US, then back to England at the age of 13 where she lived until her early 30s, when she returned  to America once again and where she has lived ever since.